Tap Dance Classes at Kelly's Dance Studio

Learn the mesmerizing moves of Tap Dance!


All our Classes & Courses are held in our Studio in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT1 4AS

Kelly’s Dance Studio offers a range of tap classes, from complete beginner to the accomplished hoofer! All classes are non-syllabus, light-hearted, and with a distinct American flare and a classic 1920s-1950s soundtrack.

All classes are termly, with three 12-week terms per academic year.

You can join our classes at any point in a term, but please be aware each class is planned around an academic year and on the basis of consistent study, and as such the content in the autumn term will be far easier than that of the summer term.

Beginners : Tap Dance

This class is designed for the complete beginner, no prior experience is necessary. A gentle paced class which covers all the basics with plenty of time to ask questions and hone your new skills.

You can book a taster session to see if it is suitable, before committing to the full term price.

Adult Beginners Tap Dance Classes
12 Week Term
1 hour lesson per week
Teaching: Tap Dance for Beginners
Starting Wed 11th Sept 19
from 19:00 – 20:00
Enrolling Now

Advanced Beginners Classes : Tap Dance

This class is ideal for the tapper who has completed an academic year of beginner’s classes and is ready to learn some new steps. It is also a great class if you’ve had some time off from tapping and would like to refresh your skills. If you’ve mastered your single time step and are ready to learn your double, this is the class for you.

Not suitable for complete beginners.

Discounts offered if you combine this with our Ballet classes.

Thursday 18:30 - 19:30Tap DanceAdvanced BeginnersEnquire / Enrol

Improvers Classes : Tap Dance

One of our most popular classes, this is the perfect lesson for the recreational dancer with a few years of experience, covering single, double and triple timesteps, double pullbacks and short amalgamations with plenty of laughter thrown in.

Wednesday 18:00 - 19:00Tap DanceImproversEnquire / Enrol

Intermediate Level Classes : Tap Dance

Our most advanced class, for the experienced tapper. A fast-paced class covering wings, quadruple timesteps and full length, challenging dances.

Monday 18:00 - 19:00Tap DanceIntermediateEnquire / Enrol

Complete Timetable of Dance Classes

Take a look at our complete timetable of dance classes and courses scheduled at our Hampton Wick Dance Studio.

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