Cheers for the amazing lessons and help

Not being naturally gifted on the dance floor, we were apprehensive about the first dance for our wedding and decided to have a few lessons to lessen the chances of embarrassment/injury. We were so fortunate to come across Kelly’s Dance Studio. Keith and Kornelia listened to our song choice and came up with a few suggestions for a style of dance that would work with the music. Kornelia is a kind, patient and fun teacher and a lovely person. She explained the steps so clearly that it was easy for us to pick up a routine. In the build-up to our wedding, we really looked forward to our dance lessons as an hour in which we could enjoy each other’s company and have fun learning a new skill. After a few lessons, Kornelia had sufficiently built our confidence so that, on the day, we were able to perform a tango waltz in front of all our guests that we were proud of – and we like to think Keith and Kornelia would have been too.

Alex and Helena