My partner Liz and I had never been anywhere near formal dancing; we “bop” and that’s it. We had to attend classes at Kelly’s Dance Studio because of a school’s annual ball; the children were being taught by Keith and Kornelia at Kelly’s but Liz was going to have to dance with her son at the ball, so I went along to Saturday sessions to be her learning partner.

We thought it would be dull – waltz, foxtrot and cha-cha-cha, and I was particularly not keen. And… we loved it. Keith did most of the classes. He is a born teacher. Dancing together properly is huge fun and really loving and rewarding. He was patient, funny, nicely firm (on one day he had 21 couples to cope with!) and just excellent at helping us get it right. A thoroughly good egg.

The school dance is over (and the kids were brilliant), but we are signing up for more. I cannot recommend Keith and his wife highly enough. This is a whole new dimension for us. Thank you.

Laurie and Liz