Feedback we've received over the years

We’re fortunate to have had so many wonderful times over the last 40+ years – and through dance we’ve managed to bring a smile to many faces! Here are some of the wonderful messages we’re proud to have recieved…

Keith and Kornelia, thank you so much for the great lessons and patience. You helped us get our first dance ready with very short notice. It went really well on the day and everyone was really impressed, I think we surprised most people. Thanks again.

Laura and Ollie

Hi Keith-We are now back home, still in the honeymoon mood 😊 … and ready to continue our dance lessons. The dance went beautifully… and seeing our parents so touched, brought us so much joy that we will never forget. We are so grateful to you for all your support and helping us in such short time to make it happen.

Andrea and Frank

My partner Liz and I had never been anywhere near formal dancing; we “bop” and that’s it. We had to attend classes at Kelly’s Dance Studio because of a school’s annual ball; the children were being taught by Keith and Kornelia at Kelly’s but Liz was going to have to dance with her son at the ball, so I went along to Saturday sessions to be her learning partner.

We thought it would be dull – waltz, foxtrot and cha-cha-cha, and I was particularly not keen. And… we loved it. Keith did most of the classes. He is a born teacher. Dancing together properly is huge fun and really loving and rewarding. He was patient, funny, nicely firm (on one day he had 21 couples to cope with!) and just excellent at helping us get it right. A thoroughly good egg.

The school dance is over (and the kids were brilliant), but we are signing up for more. I cannot recommend Keith and his wife highly enough. This is a whole new dimension for us. Thank you.

Laurie and Liz

Apologies for the delay in thanking you for making our wedding day truly special!

Our wedding dance may not have been perfection but we did very well considering all the set-backs we had along the way!

Thank you both for being so patient with us, you must have wondered what planet we were both on!?!

Louise & Gary

We just wanted to let you know that our lovely wedding was this last Saturday, and thanks to Kornelia’s excellent tuition we danced the tango as our first dance, astonishing our friends and family.

Huge thanks to both of you, we really loved coming to ballroom dance classes last winter and particularly enjoyed our one-to-ones with Kornelia these last couple of months. We wish we could return to Kelly’s dance studio but are moving to Canada soon – hopefully, we will find a studio there to continue learning and loving dance!

Tessa and Hugo

Thank you both for all your expertise, support and kindness in preparation for our wedding dance. We had a lovely day and the dance was the icing on the cake.

Matthew & Lyn

Thank you very much for teaching us that lovely routine for our first dance. Our family and friends loved it and we too enjoyed it tremendously! Thanks to your imaginative teaching style using examples like reversing a car, Ben had to admit very quickly that he was actually enjoying the dancing! So much so that we are now considering joining one of your regular classes. The group dance lesson was also a huge hit with our family and friends and you can see in the photos that it has clearly paid off! Couldn’t get them off the dancefloor!

Ben and Brigit Naidu

Everyone at Kelly’s was really supportive of us with lots of encouragement and helpful advice during our practice sessions. We both had such a wonderful day and the evening kicked off to a fantastic start when we got to perform our wedding dance in front of all our friends and family. There was a lot of cheering and surprised faces once they realised they were going to get a show! It all went very well despite our nerves and everyone was really impressed with our cha cha and foxtrot combo.

Nick and Sarah Pender

Our Magical “First Dance”

Thanks to Kornelia’s excellent teaching, the “First Dance” on our wedding day was magical and a perfect success. We brought the music – Kornelia taught us the Waltz. Nicely choreographed, easy to remember and full of confidence – what a way to dance into married life…Thank you for all your help!

Thomas and Laura


The team here provides absolutely fantastic classes which are fun, challenging and amaze me every single time with what I can achieve.

Professional, informative and friendly are the best ways to describe the people at Kelly’s, I am happy to be a continued customer.

Angela MacKenzie

We really can’t thank you enough for all your expertise, guidance and encouragement throughout the learning of our wedding dance. We really had the most amazing wedding day, and the dance was so perfect, perhaps not perfectly executed by us amateurs, but we seemed to convince an astounded audience otherwise – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! One of our friends commented later in the evening that if the only thing we had done was our argentine tango, it would have been enough to make the whole day perfect!

We really wouldn’t have been able to do it without the amazing encouragement from you and Keith, especially when the inevitable nerves kicked in, but even with those we were confident that we could do it and really shine. It was one of the most special moments in our lives and will never forget it – makes me well-up just thinking about it!

We would recommend, without doubt, Kelly’s to any bride and groom to be, it is so worth it – our only regret is that we didn’t take up dancing sooner, but we are making up for it now by learning to tango ‘the real way’ in the group classes!

Rachel and Julian Parker Soden

As one of the highlights of the day was our 1st dance and which was awaited with huge expectation by everybody, it definitely became a huge success!!

We were very happy and relieved and all our guests were absolutely amazed by the performance. They were totally spellbound and really enjoyed it.

So, a huge thank you to all of you, especially to you Keith, for taking up the challenge to teach (these absolute hopeless couple) and guide us through this wonderful choreography. It was a wonderful feeling to have managed to dance this challenging Viennese Waltz!!! Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS to you!!

Prabha and Isabel

Hey all! Apologies for the delay in getting in touch, but we just wanted to say a huge thank you — particularly to Keith — for teaching us a lovely first dance for our wedding on 19th May this year. We’re going to upload the video of the dance to YouTube so you can see how it went! Andrea and Lewis x

Andrea and Lewis

Cheers for the amazing lessons and help

Not being naturally gifted on the dance floor, we were apprehensive about the first dance for our wedding and decided to have a few lessons to lessen the chances of embarrassment/injury. We were so fortunate to come across Kelly’s Dance Studio. Keith and Kornelia listened to our song choice and came up with a few suggestions for a style of dance that would work with the music. Kornelia is a kind, patient and fun teacher and a lovely person. She explained the steps so clearly that it was easy for us to pick up a routine. In the build-up to our wedding, we really looked forward to our dance lessons as an hour in which we could enjoy each other’s company and have fun learning a new skill. After a few lessons, Kornelia had sufficiently built our confidence so that, on the day, we were able to perform a tango waltz in front of all our guests that we were proud of – and we like to think Keith and Kornelia would have been too.

Alex and Helena

It has been a while since out first dance on 08.June, but we want to thank you for all your support and all your patience in the preparation for the big day!
You did a lot more for us, than just teach us how to do the Argentine tango, you were great friends, providing support and fun-filled evenings for us – a very stressed couple, so we are very grateful and we plan to return to the dance school soon!

Our dance went really well, the guests were all impressed, but most importantly we really enjoyed it and managed not to panic and have a fight in the middle of the dance floor, which was great progress!

Thank you for all your kindness and support and for making our first dance, a truly beautiful moment! Keith we did your idea of the Best Man inviting us to the dance floor and it really worked.

Gergana and Stanislav